Abracon Ultra Miniature Pure Silicon™ Clock Oscillator

Abracon is proud to introduce 2nd generation MEMS technology with reduced jitter by Discera in the Ultra Miniature Pure Silicon™ Clock Oscillator. The Ultra Miniature Pure Silicon Clock Oscillator from Abracon features low power consumption <10mA; frequency range of 1.0-150MHz; supply voltage range of +1.8 to +3.3; exceptional stability +/- 10ppm over temperature at -40º to +105ºC; 30kG shock resistance configuration; and compact QFN plastic packaging. Applications that utilize Abracon Pure Silicon Clock Oscillators include CCD clocks for VTR cameras, PC equipment, low-profile equipment, computers and peripherals, portable electronics (MP3 players, games), consumer electronics, and more.


  • 2nd generation MEMS technology with reduced jitter by Discera
  • <10mA low power consumption 
  • Exceptional stability +/-10ppm over temp. at -40°C to +105°C
  • Available in 30kG shock resistance configuration
  • Compact QFN plastic packaging
  • 15pF load capacitance


  • CCD Clock for VTR Camera
  • Equipment connected to PCs
  • Low profile equipment
  • Computers and peripherals
  • Lower cost crystal oscillator replacement
  • Portable electronics (MP3 Players, Games)
  • Consumer electronics (TVs, DVRs, etc.)
  • Vibrant, shock-prone & humid environments for industrial equipment
  • Demanding military & automotive electronics
Published: 2011-09-26 | Updated: 2022-03-11