Adafruit LPS33HW Pressure Sensor Breakout Board

Adafruit LPS33HW Water Resistant Pressure Sensor Breakout Board allows a user to sense pressure in a damp or caustic environment or know the relative changes in pressure as well as the absolute pressure. This breakout board is based on the LPS33HW pressure sensor. The device combines protection from water intrusion with support for high precision relative and absolute measurements. With drivers for CircuitPython, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi, and support for I2C, or SPI (Arduino only SPI support), this allows the user to measure pressure in any situation in no time.

The LPS33HW is designed for and proven to protect electronic components from long-term exposure to harsh environments such as water mixed with chlorine, bromine, commercial washing detergent and fuels, solvents, and chemicals. The sensing element is nestled safely in a ceramic package and is encased in a waterproof gel that prevents water that gets into the sensor and interferes with readings. The LPS33HW has a 24-bit pressure data and 16-bit temperature data, allowing it to deliver pressure readings with +/- 0.1%hPa accuracy. It can measure from 260 to 1260hPa and can withstand pressure up to 20 times its measurement range. The LPS33HW offers an adjustable data rate, as well as a low pass filter to remove noise from the signal. Finally, the onboard temperature compensation makes sure that the readings are always good and won't vary as the temperature changes.

This breakout board puts the LPS33HW on a breakout PCB along with support circuitry to let the user use this with 3.3V (Feather/Raspberry Pi) or 5V (Arduino/ Metro328) logic levels. Since it uses I2C, the user can also easily connect it up with two wires (plus power and ground). The SparkFun qwiic compatible STEMMA QT connectors for the I2C bus are included, so there is no need to solder. The user can just connect their favorite microcontroller and can use the CircuitPython/Python or Arduino drivers to easily interface with the LPS33ASAP.


  • Pressure sensor with water-resistant coating
  • 260 to 1260hPa absolute pressure range
  • 24-bit pressure data output
  • 16-bit temperature data output
  • ODR from 1Hz to 75Hz
  • SPI and I2C interfaces
  • 25.7mmx17.7mmx4.6mm (1.0"x0.7"x0.2") product dimensions
  • 2.0g (0.1oz) product weight
Published: 2020-01-29 | Updated: 2022-03-10