Alps Alpine SKTQ TACT Switches

Alps Alpine SKTQ TACT Switches™ feature a snap-in mount, in a straight direction, and last as many as 200,000 cycles. These compact on/off switches provide an unmistakable click and require a high 5N operating force, which prevents accidental operations. The switches are non-illuminated and offer a compact, middle-stroke form factor, using the same 5.3mm x 5.4mm dimensions as the SKSU series. The reliable operating feel and quiet operation of Alps Alpine SKTQ TACT Switches make them ideal for steering wheel switches and center console panels.


  • High operating force of 5N helps prevent accidental operations
  • Compact middle-stroke type with the same dimensions (5.3mm x 5.4mm) as the SKSU series
  • Quiet operation and definite clicking feel
  • Pre-stroke design used to prevent play


  • Steering wheel switches
  • Center console panels


Mechanical Drawing - Alps Alpine SKTQ TACT Switches
Published: 2018-04-03 | Updated: 2022-07-18