ams OSRAM Dragster Evaluation Kit

ams OSRAM Dragster Evaluation Kit features highly configurable hardware that enables easy setup of ams Dragster line-scan family for a quick sensor evaluation. Image data is transferred to a frame grabber over a high-speed camera link. Any grabber that supports at least a camera link base configuration can directly acquire data from any Dragster version. The system controls the sensor operation using an FPGA to define the state machine timings. The FPGA acquires data synchronously and multiplexes that data to one camera-link base interface. Over an RS232 serial interface, the user can have access to the state machine configuration and all sensor registers. It is possible to read back those sensor registers. Dragster Evaluation Kit applications include automated optical inspection (AOI) and industrial sorting.

Kit Contents

  • Power supply (12VDC)
  • USB to RS232 cable
  • Sensor headboard
  • Evaluation board
  • Power supply board
  • Eval board FPGA interface board

Hardware Architecture

ams OSRAM Dragster Evaluation Kit

Components & Connectors Pinout

ams OSRAM Dragster Evaluation Kit


Published: 2020-08-27 | Updated: 2022-03-11