Analog Devices Inc. ADA466x Precision CMOS Operational Amplifiers

Analog Devices Inc. ADA466x CMOS Operational Amplifiers are dual, rail-to-rail input/output amplifier optimized for low power, high bandwidth, and wide operating supply voltage range applications. The ADA466x performance is guaranteed at 3.0V, 10V, and 18V power supply voltages. It is an excellent selection for applications that use single-ended supplies of 3.3V, 5V, 10V, 12V and 15V, and dual supplies of ±2.5V, ±3.3V, and ±5V. 

The ADA466x Amp uses the Analog Devices patented DigiTrim® trimming technique, which achieves low offset voltage. Additionally, the unique design architecture of the ADA466x allows it to have excellent power supply rejection, common-mode rejection, and offset voltage when operating in the common-mode voltage range of −VSY + 1.5V to +VSY − 1.5V.


  • Low power at high voltage (18V): 725μA maximum
  • Low offset voltage
  • 150μV maximum at VSY/2
  • 300μV maximum over entire common-mode range
  • Low input bias current: 15pA maximum
  • Gain bandwidth product: 4MHz typical at AV = 100
  • Unity-gain crossover: 4MHz typical
  • −3 dB closed-loop bandwidth: 2.1MHz typical
  • Single-supply operation: 3V to 18V
  • Dual-supply operation: ±1.5V to ±9V
  • Unity-gain stable


  • Current shunt monitors
  • Active filters
  • Portable medical equipment
  • Buffer/level shifting
  • High impedance sensor interfaces
  • Battery powered instrumentation
Published: 2013-10-16 | Updated: 2022-03-11