Analog Devices Inc. DC2846A Demonstration Circuit for LTC7804

Analog Devices DC2846A Demonstration Circuit is a DC/DC synchronous boost converter featuring the LTC7804 (MSE package), a spread spectrum, or constant frequency current mode synchronous boost controller. The DC2846A generates a 24V output voltage and provides up to 6A of output current. The 500kHz constant switching frequency operation results in a small and efficient circuit.


  • Wide input voltage range: from 6V to 32V
  • Relatively high output power, up to 150W
  • Extremely low quiescent current, it’s 15μA at sleep mode and as low as 1μA at shutdown
  • Onboard low power bias supply
  • Ability to select spread-spectrum or fixed frequency
  • Pulse-skipping mode, forced continuous operation, or low ripple Burst Mode® operation at light loads
  • Synchronization with an external clock
  • If VIN > VO, the DC2846A practically eliminates usual for boost topology losses in forward biased rectifier by keeping top MOSFET enhanced in pulse-skipping and forced continuous modes

Top View

Mechanical Drawing - Analog Devices Inc. DC2846A Demonstration Circuit for LTC7804
Published: 2020-03-12 | Updated: 2022-03-10