Analog Devices Inc. EV-MCS-ISOINV Power Boards

Analog Devices EV-MCS-ISOINV Power Boards for the Isolated Inverter Enhanced Protection Platform evaluate Analog Devices isolated sigma-delta converters for voltage and current measurement, isolated gate drivers, and power controllers in a full system application at DC bus levels up to 800V.

The EV-MCS-ISOINV Power Board is designed to operate from a DC input supply in the 24VDC-800VDC range. EV-MCS-ISOINV provides a 3-phase variable frequency, variable voltage, and variable deadtime PWM output to a motor or load. The inverter used with the EV-MCS-ISOINV comes in an open-loop platform without any feedback loops. The inverter consists of a 3-phase six-IGBT bridge, 1200V IGBTs, and six ADuM4135 isolated gate drivers with desaturation protection and Miller clamp. AD7403 Sigma-Delta Modulators deliver isolated current and voltage feedback to the control-side of the board. The isolated sigma-delta current and voltage feedback support the development of sensorless control algorithms. The feedback signals allow the designer to close the control loop.

The EV-MCS-ISOINV Power Boards serve as a highly configurable, system-oriented platform for Analog Devices’ isolation technology with multiple test-point and connectivity options. An easy-plug connector allows a controller connection to an ADSP-CM408 processor evaluation board. Using the EV-MCS-ISOINV Power Boards with the ADSP-CM408 EZ Kit and demo software enable motor start-stop, open loop volts/hertz speed control, and data visualization. The 0.1” headers provide alternative connectivity to other processor or FPGA platforms.

Kit Contents

  • EV-MCS-ISOINV power board with control power supply
  • Adapter board for connection to EZkit
Published: 2018-02-14 | Updated: 2023-01-27