Analog Devices Inc. LTM28xx µModule® Isolators

Analog Devices Inc. LTM28xx µModule® isolators are complete system-in-package (SiP) solutions that provide up to 7.5kVRMS isolation for the most popular serial interfaces and devices. Most devices provide up to 1W of isolated power to neighboring components. Boasting high integration and performance in small footprints requiring no external components. Analog Devices Inc. μModule isolators use embedded, inductively coupled coils to pass data differentially across the isolation boundary, resulting in an extremely robust communications scheme. Simple isolated solutions are made available with the integration of isolated data, isolated power, and all passive components, including bypass capacitors, in a single package. High distance through insulation ultimately translates to higher ESD protection and reliability. A differential signaling scheme enables communication through common-mode transient events greater than 70kV/μs and is unaffected by the transient without any priority data jitter or data corruption. The system includes data refresh, error checking, and safe shutdown for robust digital communications.
Published: 2017-05-02 | Updated: 2022-03-17