Anderson Power Products PowerMod® Connectors

Anderson Power Products PowerMod® Connector family is a high density power connector system with maximum design flexibility. PowerMod Connectors deliver high power performance using a #16 contact rated to 30A per UL 1977 and IEC512-3 test 5a and mechanical polarized housings designed to mate one-way ensuring proper circuit mating. Optional positive latches and backshells offer additional safety and security. This connector family provides application flexibility with up to four sequential pin mating options for Mate First / Break Last and Mate Last / Break First circuits. Designed for PCB, panel, or cable mounting, PowerMod Connectors are available in 13 sizes and configurable for almost any application.


  • High performance #16 contact
    • Rated to 30A per UL 1977 and IEC512-3 test 5a
  • Mechanical polarized housings
    • Housings only mate one-way, ensuring proper circuit mating
  • PCB, panel or cable mounting
    • Product flexibility for a wide variety of system packaging
  • Optional positive latches and back shells
    • Provides additional safety and security
  • Optional sequential contact mating
    • Up to 4 pin contact lengths can be specified to create Make First / Break Last and Make Last / Break First circuits


  • 30A current rating
  • 600VAC/DC UL / CSA voltage rating
  • 24AWG to 12AWG wire gauge range
  • 3 to 30 poles
  • 3mΩ AVG contact resistance
  • 2200VAC dielectric withstanding voltage
  • 1000 mating cycles no load per IEC 512-5
  • -55°C to 180°C operating temperature range
  • UL94 V-0 flammability rating
Published: 2012-02-27 | Updated: 2022-03-11