Arduino 4 Relays Shield

Arduino 4 Relays Shield is designed to drive high power loads not controlled by Arduino's digital IOs due to the current and voltage limits. The A000110 shield features four relays, each relay provides two pole changeover contacts NO and NC. These two-pole changeover contacts are placed parallelly to increase the current limit of each output. The A000110 4 relays shield consists of 4 LEDs that indicate the ON/OFF state of each relay. This four relays shield is compatible with all the Arduino boards with 5V and 3.3V standards. The A000110 4 relays shield is available in 53mm x 68.5mm dimensions.


  • 5V operating voltage
  • 48V maximum load voltage
  • 140mA input current
  • 60W maximum switching capacity
  • 30VDC, 2A single pole changeover contact maximum current
  • 53mm x 68.5mm shield dimensions
  • 0.044kg weight

Kit Contents

  • TinkerKit interface
    • 2 TinkerKit inputs
      • IN2
      • IN3
    • 2 TinkerKit outputs
      • OUT5
      • OUT6
    • 2 TinkerKit TWI
  • Digital Input Output (DIO) interfaces with Arduino boards
  • 4x 60W relays
    • Relay 1: Arduino pin 4
    • Relay 2: Arduino pin 7
    • Relay 3: Arduino pin 8
    • Relay 4: Arduino pin 12

A000110 4 Relays Shield Kit

Arduino 4 Relays Shield
Published: 2018-10-09 | Updated: 2023-09-28