Arduino Pro Gateway LoRa® Connectivity Kit

Arduino Pro Gateway LoRa® Connectivity Kit (AKX00016) provides Long Range (LoRa) connectivity using ultra-long range and high interference immunity on the sub-GHz 868MHz (Europe) radio frequency band. The Arduino Pro Gateway offers up to 8 LoRa Channels, which allows it to receive up to 8 LoRa packets simultaneously. Combined with the Arduino MKR WAN 1300 IoT Node, it makes an ideal solution for smart agriculture, smart cities, building automation, and many other remote monitoring applications requiring long-range, low-power wireless connectivity.

The Pro Gateway LoRa Connectivity Kit is designed around the Semtech SX1301 Digital Baseband Chip, enabling the robust connection between the Gateway and a massive amount of wireless endpoints spread over a wide range of distances. Supporting advanced features like Listen Before Talk (LBT) allow users to transmit at higher power on the first free channel, achieving longer ranges than conventional gateways for LoRa. 

Installation, provisioning, and remote management of the Gateway are made incredibly simple through the Arduino Create Platform.


  • LoRa gateway cape adapter
  • Semtech SX1301 chipset
  • LoRa spread spectrum, FSK, GFSK modulation
  • 8 LoRa channels
  • 868MHz (EU) operating frequency 
  • Up to +27dBm RF output power
  • Up to -137dBm sensitivity
  • mPCIe (SPI / I2C / UART / GPIOs) interfaces for the LoRa module
  • +5V operating voltage
  • Current consumption
    • Tx 815mA @ +27dBm
    • Rx 600mA 
  • Listen Before Talk (LBT) capability (for improved transmission power management)
  • On-board u.FL antenna connector
  • FPGA support for LoRa spectral scan
  • -40°C to +85°C operating temperature
  • 71mm x 40mm x 1mm dimensions


  • Automated meter reading
  • Environmental monitor
  • Smart cities
  • Home and building automation
  • Wireless alarm and security system
  • Industrial monitoring and control
  • Long range irrigation system
  • Agricultural monitoring

Kit Contents

  • Ethernet cable
  • AC power adapter (with multi-plug)
  • Micro u.FL to SMA pigtail
  • External SMA antenna
  • MicroSD card
Published: 2019-02-01 | Updated: 2023-05-02