Broadcom ACPL-790x Precision Isolation Amplifiers

Broadcom ACPL-7900, ACPL-790A, and ACPL-790B precision isolation amplifiers are designed for current and voltage sensing in electronic power converters in applications including motor drives and renewable energy systems. The ACPL-7900 (±3% gain tolerance) and ACPL-790A (±1% gain tolerance) are recommended for general applications. The ACPL-790B (±0.5% gain tolerance) is ideal for high-precision applications.

These Broadcom devices operate from a single 5V supply and provide dynamic performance of 60dB SNR. ACPL-790x isolation amplifiers feature 200 kHz bandwidth and 1.6µs fast response time, allowing these devices to capture transients in short-circuit and overload conditions. These Broadcom precision isolation amplifiers operate over a -40°C to +105°C temperature range.


  • -50ppm/°C Low Gain Drift
  • 0.6mV Input Offset Voltage
  • 0.05% Excellent Linearity
  • 60dB SNR
  • 200kHz Wide Bandwidth
  • 3V to 5.5V Wide Supply Range for Output Side
  • -40°C to +105°C Operating Temperature Range
  • Advanced Sigma-Delta A/D Converter Technology
  • Fully Differential Isolation Amplifier
  • 15kV/µs Common-Mode Transient Immunity
  • 1.6µs Fast Response Time
  • DIP-8 Package


  • Current/Voltage Sensing in AC and Servo Motor Drives
  • Solar Inverters, Wind Turbine Inverters
  • Industrial Process Control
  • Data Acquisition Systems
  • Switching Power Supply Signal Isolation
  • General Purpose Analog Signal Isolation
  • Traditional Current Transducer Replacements

Functional Diagram

Location Circuit - Broadcom ACPL-790x Precision Isolation Amplifiers

Application Circuit

Application Circuit Diagram - Broadcom ACPL-790x Precision Isolation Amplifiers
Published: 2011-04-07 | Updated: 2022-03-11