Bud Industries PTQ PC 10% Fiberglass Boxes

Bud Industries PTQ PC 10% Fiberglass Boxes feature a body made of gray, 10% glass fiber-filled, polycarbonate (PC) resin. The PTQ boxes have a hinged cover made of gray or clear PC. The cover and body are easily separable for convenient processing. The Bud Industries boxes include IP67 TUV protection against dust and water in extreme conditions. The PC 10% fiberglass boxes offer high impact resistance and are suitable for outdoor use. The series is ideal for use in control boxes, Wi-Fi® and radio housings, lighting, access controls, and more.

PTX series accessories include internal panels designed to fit the PTQ series. Steel or plastic panels are available. PTX panels are designed for PCB mounting, equipment assembly, and power supply housing applications.

In addition to the existing PTQ series, emerging fiberglass boxes from Bud Industries meet NEMA 1, 2, 4, 4x, and 6 specifications.  View Products


  • Gray PC resin, 10% glass fiber-filled body
  • Gray or clear PC cover
  • Cover and body easily separable for convenient processing
  • High impact resistance
  • IP67 TUV rating for keeping out dust and water in extreme conditions
  • UL 508 / NEMA type 4X and type 6 listed #E343339
  • Suitable for outdoor use with respect to exposure to ultraviolet light, water exposure, and immersion in accordance with UL 746C
  • UL industrial controls and CE Low Voltage directive 2006/95/EC listed
  • Non-chlorinated and non-brominated flame retardant with UL 94-5VA rating
  • Quality chemical resistance
  • Continuous poured-in-place neoprene gasket
  • Stainless steel latch and hinge pin
  • Largest size includes 3 sets of latches
  • -40°C to +95°C extended exposure condition
  • RoHS compliant


  • Control boxes
  • Wi-Fi® and radio housings
  • Lighting
  • Access controls
  • Facilities with wash down requirements
  • Pharmaceutical
Published: 2015-06-15 | Updated: 2023-04-10