Carlo Gavazzi EM50 Energy Analyzer

Carlo Gavazzi EM50 Energy Analyzer is a three-phase energy analyzer for DIN-rail mounting with an LCD display. EM50 is designed for use in applications that require the consumption trend to allocate costs, measure energy efficiency improvements, or monitor load behaviors. Carlo Gavazzi EM50 Energy Analyzer is fully compatible with the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) web-based monitoring system. The analyzer is equipped with a static output (pulse transmission), a relay output (alarm or remote control function), and Modbus RTU or BACnet MS/TP port. EM50 manages direct voltage connection up to 600V L-L or by means of voltage transformers. The current measurement is carried out via 5A current transformer, 333mV or 80mA (Measurement Canada only) current sensor, or Rogowski coil.


  • Main functions
    • Measure energy consumption and main electrical variables of single-phase, two-phase, or three-phase loads
    • Displays single-phase and total variables
    • Transmit data via serial communication (Modbus RTU or BACnet MS/TP)
    • Transmit energy consumption via pulse output
    • Transmit alarm and manage remote control via relay output
    • Manage monthly energy log (current month and the previous two months)
    • Manage event log database (resets, terminal cover openings, configurations, alarms, etc.)
  • Main features
    • Energy measurements
      • Imported and exported kWh, 4-quadrants kvarh, and 4 tariffs energy meters
      • Single-phase measurements
    • Selectable DMD calculation method (fixed, sliding, sliding with selectable refresh time, or thermal)
    • Real-time clock and tariff management


  • Building and industrial automation
    • Efficiency monitoring, cost allocation, and fiscal/legal sub-billing


  • 100V to 347V L-N rated voltage
  • 100V to 600V L-L rated voltage
  • 2MΩ input impedance
  • 50Hz / 60Hz frequency
  • Cat. III overvoltage category
  • Protection degree
    • IP40 (front)
    • IP20 (terminals)
  • -25°C to +75°C operating temperature range


Chart - Carlo Gavazzi EM50 Energy Analyzer
Published: 2020-09-03 | Updated: 2023-09-15