Littelfuse ITV Battery Protectors

Littelfuse ITV Battery Protectors are three-terminal, surface-mountable Li-ion battery protectors designed to protect against overcurrent and overcharging. These ITVs utilize a fuse element for stable operation under normal electrical current and to cut off the current when overcurrent occurs. A heater is directly embedded under the chemical fuse element and will generate heat to blow the fuse when overvoltage is detected by an IC or field-effect transistor (FET). These chip-style devices have an operating supply current of 12A, 15A, 30A, 40A, and 60A, and an operating supply voltage range from 4V to 62V. Applications for Littelfuse ITV Battery Protectors include E-bikes, power tools, automotive, energy storage systems, and drones.


  • Three-terminal, surface-mount SCPs
  • Protection for both overcurrent and overcharging
  • Fast response
  • 12A, 15A, 30A, 40A, and 60A operating supply current
  • 4V to 62V operating supply voltage range
  • Halogen-free


  • Self-balancing
  • E-bikes
  • Power tools
  • Automotive
  • Energy storage systems
  • Drones


Typical Application Circuit Diagram

Littelfuse ITV Battery Protectors
Published: 2020-02-26 | Updated: 2023-03-29