Microchip Technology ATSAMD21E16L Microcontroller Card

Microchip Technology ATSAMD21E16L Microcontroller Card is an MCU card for Atmel® Motor control starter kits. The hardware has the Atmel | SMART ARM®-based MCU, ATSAMD21E16L, with integrated onboard debug support. The Microchip Technology MCU card can be directly used with the currently available ATSAMD21BLDC24V-STK®, a low voltage BLDC, PMSM motor control starter kit. The kit contains a driver board hardware with half-bridge power MOSFET drivers, a current and voltage sensing circuit, Hall, an Encoder interface, and fault protection circuits. Supported by the Atmel Studio integrated development platform, the kit provides easy access to the features of ATSAMD21E16L MCU and explains how to integrate the device into a custom motor control application.


  • Debug support using onboard Atmel EDBG device
  • TCC PWM signals for three-phase half-bridge drive
  • ADC channels for common shunt and individual shunt phase current sensing
  • ADC channels for motor BEMF sensing
  • AC channels for BEMF signals
  • EXTINT hall sensor interface
  • EXTINT encoder sensor interface
  • Atmel Xplained PRO extension signals support
  • Communication and Power status LEDs


Microchip Technology ATSAMD21E16L Microcontroller Card
Published: 2018-07-19 | Updated: 2022-11-15