BusBoard Prototype Systems BOX1-P14 & BOX2-P14 Handheld Plastic Enclosures

BusBoard Prototype Systems (BPS) BOX1-P14 and BOX2-P14 Handheld Plastic Enclosures consist of two sizes (Size 1 and Size 2) in gray, black, transparent blue, or transparent red color variations. BPS BOX1-P14 can take one or two Size 1 PCBs while BOX2-P14 can be used with multiple setups. These setups include a Size 1 and a Size 2 PCB, two Size 2 PCBs, or two Size 1 PCBs, and one Size 2 PCBs. These BPS enclosures feature lap joint construction that provides an IP54 protection rating against dust accumulation and splashing water. Self-tapping screws are provided to close the enclosure.

These plastic enclosures are easy to drill and feature a textured finish that hides fingerprints and provides additional grip. Two removable end panels can be drilled for connectors. The enclosures' top panel features a recessed top for an adhesive overlay or membrane keypad. The recessed top on the transparent red and blue enclosure have a clear smooth finish designed for easy viewing of displays.


  • Electronic instrument enclosure fits up to two Size 1 PCBs (BOX1-P14) or a combination of up to three Size 1 and Size 2 PCBs (BOX2-P14)
  • ABS plastic construction with removable end panels
  • Recessed top for adhesive overlay or membrane keypad
  • Smooth top for clear display readability with transparent enclosures
  • Textured finish hides fingerprints
  • Self-tapping screws provided for securing the enclosure


  • Dimensions
    • 105mm length x 60mm width x 35mm height (BOX1-P14)
    • 105mm length x 105mm width x 35mm height (BOX2-P14)
  • Black, gray, transparent red, and transparent blue color options
  • IP54 environmental rating
Published: 2021-01-25 | Updated: 2022-03-11