Brainboxes Ethernet Remote IO

Brainboxes Ethernet Remote IO devices are available as digital IO, analog IO, relay, and thermocouple, controlled over Ethernet using a range of protocols, and in industrial and commercial/light industrial form factors. These remote IO modules feature a suite of software application programming interfaces (API), including for Visual Basic, C#, and C++, which allows them to be controlled and monitored over the local network or internet as a web relay or Ethernet relay switch. Brainboxes Ethernet Remote IO devices provide a wide variety of functionality, enabling the automation of a broad range of tasks in process control, data collection, food preparation, packaging, warehousing, and industrial manufacturing by connecting real-world field devices over Ethernet to a controller PC.

Virtually any type of sensor or transducer can be connected through the appropriate Ethernet Remote IO device and have its data brought onto the network. These devices cover digital inputs, digital outputs, counters, analog voltage and current sensor inputs, analog outputs, programmable relays, and multi-axis stepper motor controllers. Dedicated products for thermocouples and RTDs fill out the range. The sensors and actuators may be dispersed across a large facility, but by using Brainboxes Ethernet Remote IO devices, the Ethernet connection to far-flung remote devices is as straightforward as controlling devices on the next bench.


  • 10Base-T or 100Base-TX Ethernet connection
  • Standard 8P8C RJ45 socket connector
  • TCP/IP protocol stack
  • DHCP or static IP address
  • Automatic transmit/receive crossover detection
  • Configure, monitor, and control using Boost.IO, LabView, MATLAB, or Agilent VEE
  • Android and Apple Apps allow data delivery direct to smartphone or tablet
  • Supported APIs include Microsoft .NET C#, Visual Basic, C++, JavaScript, Android JAVA API, Java, PHP, Perl, Python, and more
  • 1500V magnetic isolation
  • Wide power range
  • Reverse voltage protected
  • ESD and surge protected
  • Earthing connection point
  • Color-coded terminal blocks and ports prevent an incorrect connection (industrial only)
  • Individually numbered pins simplify the wiring and remove confusion (industrial only)
  • -30°C to +80°C industrial operating temperature range
  • 0°C to +60°C light industrial operating temperature range
  • IP30-rated non-conducting polyamide case with integrated DIN-rail mount 
  • Industry approvals: Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, WEEE, RoHS, AEO (C-TPAT), CE


  • Machine control
  • Factory automation
  • Data collection
  • Process control


Ethernet-to-Digital IO Overview

Brainboxes Ethernet Remote IO

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Brainboxes Ethernet Remote IO
Published: 2019-11-26 | Updated: 2023-06-19