Microchip Technology ATEVK-MXT2952TD-A maXTouch Evaluation Kit

Microchip Technology ATEVK-MXT2952TD-A maXTouch Evaluation Kit is a demonstration and development platform for the ATMXT2952TD Touchscreen Sensor IC. The ATEVK-MXT2952TD-A Kit includes a 15.6" Touchscreen Assembly, a PCB with a pre-mounted ATMXT2952TD, an integrated USB bridge (ATMXT2952TD-DEV-PCB), and a USB cable. A set of self-adhesive feet are also included with the kit to allow for the touchscreen assembly to be used on the desk or bench. Alternatively, the touchscreen assembly may be mounted to a suitable display for evaluation of on-screen performance. The ATMXT2952TD-DEV-PCB is also available separately.


  • ATMXT2952TD Touchscreen Controller
    • Supports up to 16 concurrent touches in real-time with touch size reporting
    • Communication via USB, I2C, HID-USB, and HID-I2C interfaces
    • HID Mouse Mode: single finger relative coordinate reporting emulating a mouse
    • Support multiple thick glove (5mm) touches
    • Support thick lens (up to 10mm glass or 5mm PMMA)
    • Superior moisture performance
    • Dual boot OS support for Microsoft Windows and Android
    • Package: 162-ball UFBGA
  • USB bridge to allow simple connection to applications

Kit Contents

  • 1x 15.6” Touchscreen Assembly 
  • 1x ATMXT2952TD-DEV-PCB
  • 1x USB cable
  • 6x Self adhesive feet
Published: 2020-01-24 | Updated: 2022-03-10